Thursday, 9 February 2012

Free Dracula Items

To get these items:

If you live in the USA:
1.Go to Stardoll and log in
2.Now go to this Stardoll link
4.You will see this box

The items will now be in your suite in a bag/box :-) enjoy :-)

If you don't live in the USA:
1. Go to a USA proxy like OR OR OR OR
2.Type into the proxy's search box and hit enter.
3.When the page loads - put this link into the proxy's search box
4.You should see this box

The items should be in a bag/box in your suite :-)

Free heart brooch.

To get the brooch follow the steps below:
1.If you are from Portugal enter the contest with the link below:

If you are not from Portugal follow these steps:
1.Go to a Portugal proxy like
2.Type this link into the proxy search box:
3.Log into stardoll on that page
4.Complete the contest
5.The brooch should be in a starplaza box or bag in your suite.

Free Black Heart Blouse,Skirt,And Animated Heart

To get these follow the steps below:
1.If your from Russia,log in and go to this link.
2.When the page loads enter the contest,and the items will be in a bag in your suite.

If your not from Russia:
1. Go to a Russian proxy like


1. Fill in the two contest boxes with antything - since you can't understand the Russian language.
2.Click the Enter the competition box.
3.You can now leave the proxy and go to stardoll as normal
4.The items should be in a bag in your suite.


ellie vasey (C)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

D-signed Shop Link

The Disney Signed shop is no longer available and below is a link to access all of the items out of all previous collections of D-signed clothing - Not free - But cool since the shop is no longer in Starplaza.,38297,38298,38299,38300,38301,38302,38303,38304,38305,38306,38307,38308,34771,34772,34773,34774,34775,34776,34777,34778,34779,34780,34781,34782,34783,34784,34785,34786,34787,34788,34789,34790,34791,34792,34793,34794,35753,35754,35755,35756,35757,35758,35759,35760,35761,35762,35763,35764,36501,36502,36503,36504,36505,36506,36507,36508,36509,36510,36511,36512,36513,36514,36515,36516,36517,36520,37259,37260,37261,37262,37263,37264,37265,37266,37267,37268,37292,39381,39382,39383,39384,393856,39387,39388,39389,39390,39391,39392,39393,39394

Link to Natural Faces Make up Shop

The Natural Faces Make Up Shop is not available in Starplaza - at least not in the UK any more,so heres a link to get the stuff in your starplaza dresser to choose what you want to buy,not free but still handy :-)

Link to shop:,36026,36027,36028,36029,36030,36033,36034,36035

Free Fashion Factor Shoes

1)Log in stardoll, Go to this page:

2)Scroll down and on the -Enter your Gift Code- section, Paste this code:

3)Click on Redeem button
Shoes should be in a Starplaza bag in your suite [

Free Stylist Bag

To get this bag follow these steps:
1.Log into Stardoll
2.Go to this link
3. Scroll down the page,there should be a 'Enter your gift code section.
4.Paste this code:
5.The bag should be inside a starplaza Carrier bag in your suite
ENJOY xoxox
Ellie Vasey